FAME Investments PLC is a highly specialized and 100% independent asset management company dedicated to providing personalized investment solutions to best suit your individual needs. Strong customer orientation is the main focus of our organization allowing us to deliver true value and reassurance to our clients.

With our extensive expertise in risk management, market analysis and financial trading, we cater to the needs of our global client base of private investors, high-net-worth individuals, banks and private trust funds. We kindly invite you to view our website in more detail to learn how you can benefit from our services.

Our Philosophy.

The philosophy of FAME Investments PLC developed over more than 10 years is based on the following basic values: client orientation, professionalism, transparency and independence. We hold these principles very dearly and believe that they allow us to serve you to the best of our ability.


We believe that our clients are the most important asset of our company. Having a client-first mentality leads to developing customer-centric solutions, and therefore satisfying our most important assets.


Having a high degree of professionalism and expertise is key when dealing with financial services. Our expertise comes from a background of investment banking, credit analysis, corporate finance and economic analysis with extensive trading experience in fixed income, credits, equities and foreign exchange.


Transparency is a key component of building trust in any relationship. We also understand the ever increasing need for transparency in the financial services industry today. It is the right of every client to be informed about their investments and the markets. Our investment solutions are designed to be fully transparent, giving you complete confidence.


Objectivity is an essential component of good investment decisions. FAME Investments PLC is a 100% independent asset manager with no ties to any particular investment institutions. This enables us to deliver the best available solutions.


Our management team convinces with content-related competency and a long experience of successful professional practice.

Manuel Schuster has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of equities, bonds, alternative investments and currencies, as well as financial and economic analysis.

Christoph Arnegger has been active in the financial sector for about 20 years, he can also refer to excellent capital market knowledge and is also an expert in the field of corporate finance and the structuring of investment products.

With the new chairman of the supervisory board and majority shareholder, Igor Strehl, the company gained in 2020 the additional competence and experience. Igor Strehl is a respected banker and financial expert and has big plans for the location and FAME Investments PLC. He has been active in the financial sector for more than 25 years.