Igor Strehl, born in Jarzewo, Russia, completed a degree in economics in Moscow and then a trainee training at Commerzbank AG Frankfurt / M. He then worked at the headquarters of Commerzbank Frankfurt in the country department for the CIS countries and the Baltic States and at Commerzbank (Eurasija) SAO in Moscow as head of corporate banking and as deputy head and board member. From 2007 to 2016 he was CEO of the VTB Group in Frankfurt / M and Vienna and as a member of the Board and Head of Corporate and Investment Banking at Sberbank Europa AG in Vienna.

Great international experience has made Igor Strehl what he is today: one of the top bankers in the country. His professional competence, coupled with negotiating skills and empathy, make him a respected business partner in and outside the industry.

When Igor Strehl starts new projects, it is with 150% commitment and with a clear vision. It is not one’s own success that is the only driving force here, but also successes that benefit all partners involved. Igor Strehl feels particularly committed to the medium-sized companies that form the backbone of every economy. According to Igor Strehl, special attention must be paid to these companies in the future. It is precisely the economic effects of the not yet overcome corona pandemic that virtually demand support for medium-sized businesses.


What will the future bring?

Nobody knows exactly in volatile times, but it is clear that only those who have a suitable plan in time will be successful. Igor Strehl has one. He sees great opportunities for the Austrian financial centre and especially for online business that have yet to be discovered; at least so far. In any case, talks are underway that will make people sit up and take notice. More about these and other topics in our BLOG and at the EVENTS.