ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance​

ESG has long since established itself in the financial world. But what exactly does this mean? ESG stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance”. For FAME Investments AG this is more than just a trend. For us, ESG is rather a maxim of how sustainable and future-oriented investment must look like. After all, what good are the best investment strategies if they ignore the environment and future generations will suffer as a result?

The strategies of our financial experts are therefore characterised by sustainability.

We offer comprehensive strategies for interested organisations and companies, which can thus make use of our expertise, experience and proximity to science.

FAME Investments has compiled comprehensive information packages for financial advisors and their clients. These packages are designed to provide financial advisors with full support in their work. They enable them to concentrate on the support of their clients and their wishes. These packages contain all the essential documents for customer care and investment advice.

Regular market reports and updates are also provided, including strategies and forecasts on request.

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